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Your Path to Wellbeing

The wellness community is so vast it can be difficult to find the trustworthy help you seek. Not sure where to start or what solutions are right for you?

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A Proclamation

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At Emergent Wellness we are creating collaborative, trusted partnerships to achieve a united wellness ecosystem. By supporting all aspects of a vetted Wellness Provider’s practice, Emergent Wellness enriches their ability to provide you with the healthcare most effective for your wellness journey.

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The Future

Emergent Wellness will be the place to go for all your wellness needs. Whether you are a provider looking to grow your business or a client starting your wellness journey, EW is the destination. A mobile app will record all appointments, activities, lab results, products and goals. Clients will be able to control their wellness data and providers will be able to see the approach other providers have taken. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that wellness is a lifelong journey. Emergent Wellness is committed to your success in career, relationships, community, as well as your health. We help you find trusted providers and products to aid you in this journey. Simply put, we are bringing powerful people together to make your life a fulfilling adventure!

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Health and Wellness Practitioners

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  • Engage in Professional Roundtables with peers
  • Attend CafĂ© Events
  • Join Teams of like-minded Practitioners supporting each other by sharing their experience, knowledge and best practices.

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