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We simplify your wellness business.

Learn how our collaborative network can create smarter business growth and simplify your wellness business. All it takes is for you to get in touch for a free, no obiligation consultation.

A Proclamation

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At Emergent Wellness we are creating collaborative trusted partnerships to achieve a united wellness ecosystem. Through professional partnerships, EW is simplifying your business so you can focus on what you do best. We are enhancing the client-provider relationship so you can come together in a more meaningful way. Find out how we can bring the world to your practice today.

Emerge-ing Wellness

The wellness community is vast and it is difficult for clients to find the help they are looking for. Many people want to start their wellness journey but don’t know where to start, what modalities they are interested in, or even what modalities are out there. EW is creating pathways to lasting health solutions. We are creating an online directory and marketplace of vetted providers, support, technology, and assessments.

We know sustainability and growth are important for wellness providers today. Participation in our programs will help you be seen by more clients, speak directly to them, and handle their needs more efficiently. If you have a product to sell, our marketplace is the perfect opportunity to showcase them. Our marketing programs get clients engaged in their wellness journey.


Participants in Emergent Wellness programs will have access to a variety of professional service providers. Including marketing, technology, and peer groups are available to assist with growth for your business.

Check out our Providers page to see all the benefits that Emergent Wellness offers.


Provider Directory
Technical Support
Online Marketing
Professional Services Mentoring
Wellness Concierge Training
Webinar Sales
Social Media
Customer Engagement

Introduction to Emergent Wellness DATE: May 19

The EW vision is to strengthen companies that are making a positive, long-term global impact on people’s overall well-being.  Join us to hear how ...

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The Future

Emergent Wellness will be the place to go for all your wellness needs. Whether you are a provider looking to grow your business or a client starting your wellness journey, EW is the destination. A mobile app will record all appointments, activities, lab results, products and goals. Clients will be able to control their wellness data and providers will be able to see the approach other providers have taken. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that wellness is a lifelong journey. Emergent Wellness is committed to your success in career, relationships, community, as well as your health. We help you find trusted providers and products to aid you in this journey. Simply put, we are bringing powerful people together to make your life a fulfilling adventure!

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