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The driving force behind Emergent Wellness is the people. Emergent Wellness takes care of the Providers that take care of humanity. The path ahead of us is waiting. We want to walk that path with the people that share our vision and our high standard of quality. Let us know more about you by contacting us today.


The Team, Working

  • Wellness Providers working together to ensure integrated, holistic care for their clients
  • Professional Business Advisors working with Providers’ organizations, facilitating their rise to the next level
  • Marketing Advisors helping Providers strengthen their brand, reach and engage new clients
  • Destination Advisors providing a fun, immersive path to wellness
  • Providers and Business Advisors leading peer-to-peer Roundtables based on modality, region, or ecosystem
  • Providers and Business Advisors hosting online Cafés and Teams (networking groups), some by invitation, many open to all

How Emergent Wellness helps Wellness Providers will be based on each individual case, as we believe that not every business has the same challenges. Our Providers and Business Advisors will work with us to ensure the correct solution is implemented, and measurables captured, so that all Emergent Wellness stakeholders can continue to grow in the Wellness sector.


Moving each other forward

As a Business Advisor with Emergent Wellness, you will become part of an ecosystem that takes care of itself. By ensuring that the most recent, proven techniques and processes are in place, our strategic resources can be collectively developed and deployed across many Wellbeing Providers – for everyone’s benefit.

As part of our desire to educate and inform others we see Advisors like you communicating with our Providers via podcasts, town hall-like meetings, even holding classes on the ins and outs of digital marketing, insurance claims, human resources, accounting, or any other aspect of operating a successful practice. Emergent Wellness is the platform where Providers and Business Advisors can cultivate a relationship that will see both grow.

Partners & Professionals

Emergent WellnessADVISOR




Join the Collaboration.

Building a community focused on making wellness better for everyone

Join Us & Get Connected

Hello! Emergent Wellness Community is where holistic wellness practitioners work together to achieve optimal holistic health (including your professional health!). We believe each individual has incredible value and a distinct purpose. We welcome different perspectives and approaches – using them to build a kinder, stronger world for the generations that follow! If this sounds like you, we would love to have you join and:

  • Nurture your personal and business health (including technology and marketing) through LIVE events, video trainings and specially priced services
  • Help grow a more holistic approach to healthcare and access to it
  • Network or collaborate with people who keep you lifted up!